Sinbad 2006


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The Panto Poem

Another year - Another show
I have to ask, where does time go?
It seems like last week, with Snow White
Her 7 Vertically Challenged Persons and Finale Night
Yet here we are our vigour undiminished,
And another Panto done and finished

This time we chose an Arabian Night's tale - er!
You know the one about Sinbad the sailor
(Which is a better rhyme that the one the writers came up with)
(Australia indeed)
Des had his eye on the sets and the lighting
Not to mention of course, the sword fighting
At backstage and props, he's very well equipped
But we'd all be much happier, if he'd stick to his script.

Our Prologue was issued in a magical minute
The crescent moon descending with Arwel perched in it
He delivered his speech, though with fear he was numb
As he held on for dear life with his hands and his ……..
(Insert your own word missus)
Having safely come through it, and to prove he was here
Our 'Spike' hit the stage as the pompous Wazir.

Jan this year, was an island girl
As Talida she set Sinbad's heart awhirl
She did much the same for the rest of the men
As she swished her grass skirt - again and again
As usual she gave a performance terrific
On the Isle of Nirvana, in the South Pacific

It was on that island that we were greeted
By two NEW recruits, and we were treated
To displays of acting, and singing too
That bode well for the future for all cast and crew
This year has seen a lot of changes
With many new faces through all of the ranges

First there was Lisa, our Princess pearl
With the voice of an angel, a beautiful girl
She was dragged round by Des , to the ground she was thrown
Little wonder she wanted to be "On My Own".
When rehearsing their parts she and Des kept on going
Out of our sight - Wonder what they were doing?

That Celestial body gave a tour de force
That was Bloodruncolda in between fags of course
Su menaced the stage like the Devil unholy
Then dashed outside for another quick rolly
To further add to our cast of new raves
We had Leonie and Lucy as the principle slaves

Coca and Cola got on with the biz.
And they played both their parts with plenty of Fizz.
(Diet - of course)
Our Caliph was Nick. He played his part for-us
And when not being the Caliph he joined in with the chorus
(A sort of libro - utility player)
In his caliph's regalia he looked quite dramatique
As a sand dancing Arab, he was not quite so 'Sheik' ?

The production called for a very old man
203 years so his introduction ran
The Old Man of the Sea was a sight to be seen
A spectacular job from Old Josh Green
He made his demands in a voice so scary
Through a hole in his beard that was 'orrible and hairy.

Our 'reglars' was there of course John, Meurig and Beth
What a sight John's Dame was as he dashed ,out of breath
Hither and thither, from one side to't tother
Like Danny Larue on the set of Big Brother.
How the audience laughed, which was a tribute because
He hadn't a clue half the time, where he was

Beth as Mustapha and Meurig as Tinbad
Gave their quality performances in support of Sinbad
'HE' was played with thigh slapping aplomb
By Lisa Pollard, who went down a bomb
With her darling crew of Tiny Tars
Who, as always were feted as the Panto Stars

This year we had TWO choruses. One teens, and one not
But together they played their parts in the plot
The teens crowning glory had Happy Talk rolling
While 'Old Fashioned Way' was more like 10 pin bowling
And out from the rocks came an Oo-Oo-Oo chant
As Semolina sang "You're the One that I Want"
(An electrifyin' performance)

I can't let it pass without word of the band
Throughout the performance their music was grand
The rhythm was great, and by now I would have thought
That Matthew on drums can play "The Fleet's in Port"
(Drum lessons courtesy of Roy Crawford at no extra charge)
It all went very well, so don't listen to me
When I have a go about the Sheik of Araby
(At one point I thought I was in the Saudi camel races)

So altogether another success,
And Des will be left to clear up the mess
But we can't close this verse without special regard
For our 'behind the scenes' team who work so damned hard
We couldn't go on without this crew
Brian Sound, Ian Lighting, Backstage and make-up too

The prompts and the costumes and the Front of House lot
Who also serve tea adding 'one for the pot'
I reserve final mention to that special crew
Who find us the panto and see it right through
From beginning to end where you find us this minute
How we ever get here is a miracle - 'innit'?

So to Sally, and Angie, to Trevor and Pam,
To Brian and Ian and of course Des, The Man
To Marion, and Muriel to all the above
For your tireless efforts we give you our love
A special mention to Helen as you would know
Who's gone orf to get married in rotten Llandudno.

So raise up your glasses to all of these folks
Think of all the rehearsals, the laughs and the Jokes
Think of the hard times, the blood, sweat and tears
Clink your glasses together, raise three rousing cheers
Climb on your palagrin - Have no regrets
Eat , drink and be Merry in the Palace of a Thousand Miranets.

P.S. I understand that The Gant Roc Bird (Polly), and the Man Eating Plant are both endangered species